Colorado “Million Magazine eXchange” – MMX 2013!

We, the People of Colorado cordially invite all patriots who support their right to bear arms, to express their interest in attending

MMX 2013
 July 2nd!!!  

At the Colorado State Capitol
by Peter Boyles (KHOW 630 AM Radio Show Host)

UPDATE on 20–Mar-2013 – MMX 2013 Idea mentioned by Peter Boyles on KHOW 630 AM!  Recommended a July 2nd date.

 While we celebrate America’s 237th Anniversary of Independence, we propose organizing a peaceful gathering of like-minded patriots who cherish their inalienable rights to bear arms and assembly.  We will assemble at the Colorado State Capitol in  protest over Colorado Assembly’s egregious abuse of political power and Governor Hickenlooper’s anticipated upcoming passage of HB 13-1224 into law.  This law will effectively disarms the Great Citizens of Colorado by virtually banning every magazine in Colorado, rendering all firearms useless that use these magazines!

Will Hickenlooper chose choose what’s Best for Colorado or what’s Best for Bloomberg?!!!!

UPDATE on 18–Mar-2013 – Unfortunately, he’s turned his back on Colorado Values and sided with Bloomberg and NYC values!

When Should HB 12-1224 passes, immediately following its effective date on July 1, 2013, we will attempt to organize 1,000,000 “Standard-Capacity Magazines”  to descend upon the Colorado State Capitol en masse in one day!  (UPDATED* Previously stated “to attempt one million magazine exchanges/transfers among patriots”–MMX 2013 may re-consider)  #1 GOAL: We’ll facilitate in obtaining petition signatures for any recall or ballot initiative efforts.  Food, entertainment, giveaways, and raffles will be considered, depending on budget (volunteers and donations) and patriot attendance.  On-site demonstrations for readily converting your grandfathered magazine to accept more than the asinine and arbitrary 15-round limit proposed in HB 13-1224 will be made available.

* Note: Exchanges/Transfers of Standard-Capacity Magazines, like the 30-Round PMAG, will be against the new proposed law, effective July 1st, should GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER unconsciously SIGN HB 13-1224 into law.  Also,  Denver has an ordiance restricting 20+ round capacity magazines within city limits. 

buT hey!  This is civil disobedience!

We envision reaching out to various organizations to help sponsor and market this event, to include (but not limited to):

  • Civil Rights Organizations
  • Gun Rights Organizations
  • Gun Owner Organizations
  • Gun and Gun Accessory Manufacturers
  • Gun and Sports Retailers
  • Recall Non-Profit Organizations
  • Ballot Initiative Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retired Law Enforcement and Military Organizations
  • Many, many more

This is simply a preliminary and exploratory effort to determine the number of patriots and citizens willing to attend and make a difference by letting our employees (politicians) hear and see our solidarity!  Any donations will first be applied towards all event expenses, followed by any recall and ballot initiative efforts, and finally toward the upcoming 2014 campaign efforts that supports the dismissal, with prejudice, of those who infringe on our right to bear arms!

Forward this webpage to every patriot you know!

And most importantly…don’t forget to flood Governor Hickenlooper’s mailbox, inbox, and voicemail with your intentions to attend MMX 2013 should he unconsciously pass HB 13-1224!

INTERESTED in attending?  Leave a comment on our “Interested Patriots” page! (no registration, login, or email necessary)


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